Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall and Christmas 2011 Sessions

Whew!!! It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been insanely busy with Christmas and Fall photos, and they were a huge success this year! Here is just some of the evidence of why I haven't been faithfully posting each shoot. The sheer number of them have made my life impossibly busy. Realized this though... I love my job!

If you love a specific photo, let me know and I'll blog that session!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Complete Wedding Photography Blog

Welcome back to America Ashley and Nathan!! I hope your Jamaican honeymoon was amazing! Since I loved so many of these images from your flawless day, I decided to post my first ever complete wedding blog. Usually I showcase a select few, maybe fifteen or so, but for you (and your awesome friends and family), I decided to include ALL my favorites! This is as complete as a wedding photos a blog could get. Everything from the decor to the send off is included, and I hope you love it!
This was such a cool idea, to ask for advice and showcase it so beautifully.
The amazing venue- Michael W. Smith's farm in Franklin, TN.

Their taste in decor is impeccable. I might need Ashley to decorate my new home!

Cupcakes are popular, but this couple added an awesome twist. They had several different people, including grandparents, share their favorite recipes.

Fried pickles. Fruit tea. Can you say AMAZING?

Even before she was ready Ashley looked gorgeous.

The beautiful dress!

Pure joy

Daddy's little girl. First look.

THE first look. Incredible. Couldn't have been lovelier. I'm so glad they decided to do this.

See what I mean?

This just happened to be there, so I had to use it. I've always had a thing for power lines in portraits.

They asked for my favorite time of day to shoot the bride/groom, and actually followed it!

These ones show you how fun this wedding was. I barely felt like I was working.

Takes a lot to get a serious face from these two.

The whole party was a ton of fun, and they were so kind to correct me each time I mixed up names.

From the scenery to the flowers, everything came together perfectly.

This pool table was Nathan's idea, and I am SO happy he asked for it because I love this set!

Unexpectedly, every single groomsmen threw Nathan a Frisbee on the way into the line. Everyone was laughing.

The beautiful bride.

Getting married under a Weeping Willow is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

The looks they gave each other during the ceremony actually made me cry.
They're starting it right! Love, Prayer, and Laughter.

The first dance was so sweet.

Followed by a very proud dad stealing the bride for a minute.

They somehow still looked amazing even with cake smashed into their faces.

Nathan and Ashley rented a real photo booth and it was so much fun!!

Here's proof!

Very enthusiastic catchers in this group, not naming any names.

Then we went outside for games. Frisbee, corn hole, and others. Such a cool idea.

I love capturing the long-married couples looking on to the newlyweds.

This exit was fantastic. No one had to tell them, and all the guests starting blowing bubbles in advance to accumulate a ton of them! Off to Jamaica!